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The outdoor backpack

Today I finished the qrp backpack. First I made the pieces of wood i needed….. well before i write a boring story. Here are the pictures.     3x 20m 4mm line to put the antenna in the trees. Quick lock hooks also for mounting antennas. It needs some detailing but the basics are here and it works. Even made a qso on 20m on batteries as test. I hope the next pictures will be […]

Field kit backpack.

I wanted a field backpack for ages.  Yesterday i figured i could reuse the sem35 pack. So i started drawing to see how it would all fit in. Stil in the drawing stage. But here is a glimps.  It will fit a batterij 12v 5 or 7amps. The ft-817nd, LDG Z817 and my wire antennes.  Also it will have the PL on the front and a charge socket with a switch to select On (batt […]

LoraWan TTN Gateway

I moved on with the LoraHat i Got => https://www.pd5wl.nl/2016/12/07/first-steps-in-the-things-network/ I made a LoraWan GW based on LMIC on a Raspberry Pi 2B. There is so much written about it I’ll just post some pics and the links to where I got my info. The Hardware: Raspberry Pi 2B 8Gb Mirco SD Dragino LoraHat Ronde Patch 868 mhz Antenne The how to’s: http://wiki.dragino.com/index.php?title=Use_Lora/GPS_HAT_%2B_RaspberryPi_to_set_up_a_Lora_Node https://github.com/tftelkamp/arduino-lmic-v1.5  

Lora gps tracker

For my scouts group I wanted a way to track one of the boats. So i got my self some hardware and started to build a tracker. Hardware used: Arduino Uno Blox Neo 6M Gps module Dragino lorashield Some wires First step was to make it communicate with TTN. I had some help from PH2LB with the software. The result is the coordinates in the payload in the TTN console. The prototype was on a Mega2560 […]

Universal Dipole Box

For my Outdoor QRP operation I already have several antenna’s but missing in my box are dipoles. So I decided to build a small little dipole box. It’s a real quick and dirty construction. The pictures will say it all: It’s just a box with a bnc and 2 bolts. In the first picture I used the wrong type, so I replaced them. The end result. It also has a little hook on top to hang […]

LX6 – 2017 – Outdoor fun

For this year we have a vacation planned to Luxembourg. So first thing to do is to find out what i am allowed to do with my CEPT Novice licence. One of the latest documents i found is this one: http://laru.lu/images/documents/amateur-radio-bandplan-LX.pdf From this see 2 interesting bands that I can’t work from home. The 15m and the 80m. So knowing this it’s time to prepare my field kit for QRP ops in Luxembourg. What i need: Good […]

mWatt meter -72db tot 18 db

As you can see on my site I’m building a lot of little tools that can help me out in the shack. While browsing AliExpress i ran in to an nice little power measuring module based on the AD8307. I decided to buy one and see if it would do the job.  After a few weeks I got this little module. So now starts the building. I decided to use a Arduino Nano for the calculations, […]

K7QO Noise Generator

I build this just because i wanted a quick and easy project to kill some time. I found the schematics online (PH2LB and Here). All the necessary parts i had laying around. In the end it looked like this: It give a fair a mound of “Noise” according to my scope.   I have put it in a little enclosure, also i tried it on my frequency counter. It seams to resonate around the 1.7 […]

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