Solar power(ed)

I found an old solar pannel in my junkshed. Do i thought i gave it a try. 150mA and all i need is 55mA. So.. testing..

20m Delta Loop

Today was a nice day to build the delta loop. Using the calculator on the website of WS6X.  Resulting in 21.6m of wire… after cuting off some 40cm it now works fine across the band. 

Balun 4:1

Building a balun for a delta loop. I had same advice as at first i wanted to build an air coil balun. But i was told to use an ferriet coil. So i did.  Just an simple straight true 4:1 balun. There are loads of pages describing how and why it works and how to…

Pacc 2017

This year i participated in the annual PACC contest. More for the fun of it then to actually win. I enterd in section F: Single Operator Mixed QRP and came in 18th from the 22 participants in the category.  With only 20 QSO’S in the log i find it nice not to be the last. 

Eastern Outdoor activities

During Eastern 2017 we, PA3AUV and me, where active on several bands. We didn’t QSO a lot. Just a quick impression.

The outdoor backpack

Today I finished the qrp backpack. First I made the pieces of wood i needed….. well before i write a boring story. Here are the pictures.     3x 20m 4mm line to put the antenna in the trees. Quick lock hooks also for mounting antennas. It needs some detailing but the basics are here…

Field kit backpack.

I wanted a field backpack for ages.  Yesterday i figured i could reuse the sem35 pack. So i started drawing to see how it would all fit in. Stil in the drawing stage. But here is a glimps.  It will fit a batterij 12v 5 or 7amps. The ft-817nd, LDG Z817 and my wire antennes. …

LoraWan TTN Gateway

I moved on with the LoraHat i Got => I made a LoraWan GW based on LMIC on a Raspberry Pi 2B. There is so much written about it I’ll just post some pics and the links to where I got my info. The Hardware: Raspberry Pi 2B 8Gb Mirco SD Dragino LoraHat Ronde Patch…

Lora gps tracker

For my scouts group I wanted a way to track one of the boats. So i got my self some hardware and started to build a tracker. Hardware used: Arduino Uno Blox Neo 6M Gps module Dragino lorashield Some wires First step was to make it communicate with TTN. I had some help from PH2LB with…

Universal Dipole Box

For my Outdoor QRP operation I already have several antenna’s but missing in my box are dipoles. So I decided to build a small little dipole box. It’s a real quick and dirty construction. The pictures will say it all: It’s just a box with a bnc and 2 bolts. In the first picture I used…