LoRa TTN Sensor

I have got a new sensor as a trade for 2 RFM95W modules to add to my LoRa nodes. It’s a Humidity / Air pressure / Temperature Sensor in a nice housing made by PH2LB. The out put can be found here: JO22md This is what it looks like: Inside there is just a little…

HamTV test pattern generator

During the 2017 “Day of the Radio Amateur – DVDRA” I got my self a test pattern generator print and a box. The test pattern generator can also be found online here (scroll down). The print was an idee of Niels PE1PWB You can change the scroll-text, Call/ID, scroll-speed, background color. Of course it’s possible to…

JOTA 2017 – PG6JC/J

JOTA 2017, again a great weekend with loads of QSO’s and experiments. This year we where with 6 operators and active on 10 bands. We used a special callsign PG6JC/J. Also you can find us at qrz.com Here are some pictures:

JOTA 2017 – Solder kit

This years JOTA kit is “The Morse Phone” inspired by the “Fullerphone” The Fullerphone was devised in 1915 by then Captain (later Major General) Algernon Clement Fuller of the British Royal Corps of Signals to overcome the common use of earth induction to overhear communications in the closely packed trench warfare of World War I….

Going greener

I got my hands on a set of 2nd hand solar-panels. most of them are rotten. But i found one that works. so a “Sun”day afternoon of toying around gave me some ideas on how to move on. altho the glass is shattered it still works fine.

New storage for the antennas

It’s been a while that i posted, just been to busy. Last weekend was a big step in clearing out the shack of “keep-able junk”. Things that are in the way and i don’t want to trow away. In March i “unbuild” a garden shed from an other OM and now it was time to…

Solar power(ed)

I found an old solar pannel in my junkshed. Do i thought i gave it a try. 150mA and all i need is 55mA. So.. testing..

20m Delta Loop

Today was a nice day to build the delta loop. Using the calculator on the website of WS6X.  Resulting in 21.6m of wire… after cuting off some 40cm it now works fine across the band. 

Balun 4:1

Building a balun for a delta loop. I had same advice as at first i wanted to build an air coil balun. But i was told to use an ferriet coil. So i did.  Just an simple straight true 4:1 balun. There are loads of pages describing how and why it works and how to…

Pacc 2017

This year i participated in the annual PACC contest. More for the fun of it then to actually win. I enterd in section F: Single Operator Mixed QRP and came in 18th from the 22 participants in the category.  With only 20 QSO’S in the log i find it nice not to be the last.