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45Watt HF Lineair

  I was looking around for a nice little kit to build to boost my HF power a bit from 5 watts to 25 watts. On the internet i ran in to a affordable little kit. [work in progress……..]

Chirp Programming Cable

To program the Alinco DJ-596E MkII i needed a programming cable and some software. After searching on my favorite forum I found this: After getting the parts, less then 10 euro all together and some 15mins soldering. This is the result: The software used can be found here:

QRP Dummy Load

How to build a QRP dummy load. What do you need: A box, in my case and aluminium box so it also the heatsink a SO 239 Socket (or BNC / N Socket, just what you prefer) A Non inductive resistor 50 Ohm, I used an MP930 50 Ohm 1%. Small piece of coax Some…