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Alle projecten waar ik mee bezig ben of ben geweest.

Going greener

I got my hands on a set of 2nd hand solar-panels. most of them are rotten. But i found one that works. so a “Sun”day afternoon of toying around gave me some ideas on how to move on. altho the glass is shattered it still works fine.

Field kit backpack.

I wanted a field backpack for ages.  Yesterday i figured i could reuse the sem35 pack. So i started drawing to see how it would all fit in. Stil in the drawing stage. But here is a glimps.  It will fit a batterij 12v 5 or 7amps. The ft-817nd, LDG Z817 and my wire antennes.  Also it will have the PL on the front and a charge socket with a switch to select On (batt […]

mWatt meter -72db tot 18 db

As you can see on my site I’m building a lot of little tools that can help me out in the shack. While browsing AliExpress i ran in to an nice little power measuring module based on the AD8307. I decided to buy one and see if it would do the job.  After a few weeks I got this little module. So now starts the building. I decided to use a Arduino Nano for the calculations, […]

Lightning Receiver

In the januari 2017 number of Razzies there was an article about a lightning receiver. They started with an basic receiver, but later changed to a pre-build module with more capabilities. My interest wen’t to the basic receiver, simply because, like many of my little projects, its all made up around component that many of us have laying around. So I build the little receiver, only to discover i ran out of standard coils of 1mH […]

13.8Volts 47Amp PSU

The idea I have some old server power supplies laying around with the intention to convert them in to a good power source for my HAM stuff. The base will be and DSP-600 from HP, capable of producing 47Amps on 12v. With some tweaking it can produce 13.8V, Also it has a 5V. Always handy for testing purposes.                 What is needed So here are the basic ingredients: […]

12V 10Amp 19″ power supply

I have had the parts laying around for a while and with the arrival of the 2U high 19 inch chassis it was time to put it all together. A 12V (13,4 actually) power supply for in my rack. Some specs: DV voltage : 13,4 Volts ( i can’t up the voltage more on the 12v supply) DC Current: 12,5 Amps ( all tho it will be fused at 10 Amps.) AC voltage : 230V […]

Carbon Microphone conversion

Sinds I have a SEM-35 I have noticed that the mic really sucks (excuse me for the langue). But these carbon microphones have a tendency to become clothed. It come with age and moisture. So after searching the web i found a side that has nice description how to convert it to a electret microphone. The site is in dutch, so i’ll try to translate some passages. The site and source of this info in dutch can be […]

DRA818 – Weekend Radio

DRA818 module comes in two versions: DRA818V, that covers freq. from 134 to 174 MHz and DRA818U that covers freq. from 400 to 470 MHz.  I have the VHF version. At the present I have programmed it to have: 1. simplex channels with 12.5 kHz step 2. repeater channels with 12.5 kHz step (subtones included) 3. Echolink repeaters (covering local Echolinks) (subtones included) 4. free freq. set with steps 12.5 kHz, 100 kHz and 1 […]

QRSS – Ultimate3 kit

Going QRSS – Ultimate3 kit. I’m on the waiting list due to the enormous demand….. that means only 1 thing… it’s a really good kit.. Will have the 10, 20 and 40M LPF and relay board. The powerboard for the wspr beacon and qrss transmitter. Now on are 5volt and 9volt. Will add 3,3volt later for the GPS unit.

VK5JST Aerial Analyser

This project was published in the May 2005 issue of the Australian magazine “Amateur Radio”, and has been designed using parts which are very readily available (see the circuit and parts list). There is little point in supplying a kit of parts to amateurs who have been around a while – most will be in your junk box. I never got around making a nice piece of text for the website, so here is a […]

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