September 9th, time for the balloon fox hunt 2018. Wim (PA0WJF) and I decided to participate this year instead of visiting the Op center at PI4RCG.

We are building the very last Fokzbox’s but they aren’t ready yet. So PA1OKZ lent his own Foksbox. ThnX Mischa, big thumbs up.

As a back-up we brought the FT-817 field kit, witch in the end we didn’t need at all.
As my field kit is always ready to go, all i had to do was check the batteries, something i do on a monthly basis.

While watching the live stream on the TV. To see when the balloon actually went up.

And off it was. We made the first bearing from my QTH at 18m height to see where it went up. Out first bearing was the line Maarssen / Nijkerk. (Leter we learned we where off a few degrees, but it was a good starter. With the help of PH2LB (Almelo) and PD0RBO (Hoorn) we made a nice cross and then new where to go to. With the wind being west it ment it was time to get driving, as the balloon was drifting away from us.

Along the A1 driving east we did the first check to see where the balloon was going, still east but not making height very fast.

We followed the balloon al the way to De Lutte. There we waited on the parking. The balloon was almost straight above us.
We ran in to a few other equipes also hunting. Some basic like us some with some what more gear.

Finally at 31.6Km height the balloon burst and the decent started. It was a fast decent.

We had some troubles finding the balloon and had to make a 20 min detour because we where on the wrong side of the river De Eems. At the landing site we came in 23rd. Not that bad for a first time hunting. We couldn’t make a lot of pictures in the final stage of the hunt, simply because we where to busy hunting and driving. Here is a small impression:

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Now to start planning for next year and hope to end up higher.