No not Match fixing, but fixing the Gamma match. It didn’t have enough capacity to dip in the center of Regio 1 70cm / 2m bands. As the Arrow is basically made for satellite and for Region 2.

PD0G build a replica of the Arrow antenne and he did an awesome job.
Some more info on his website.

With the first measurements with PA3DJS we noticed it was way up in the band and not dipping below 1:1.2. After a bit of fiddling we came to the conclusion we missed the capacity to tune it to our standards.

Later that month I went to PH2LB and took the arrow with me. With the knowledge from the first measurements we started a blank test. This again proved we need more C. So we decided to extend the gamma match and start from there.

First test show we where on the right track.

We extended the gamma match and made a longer tube. Big advantage we both also have a hobby in modelrail trains and life steam so there was some brass tube on hand. Also i removed the paint for better electric connection.

After measuring and cutting the match to length we finally got it right and repeated the proces for the 2m match as well. Here are the results

70cm (430 / 440 Mhz) below 1:1.5 across the entire band.
2m (144 / 146 Mhz) below 1:1.2 across the entire band.

What we did:

  • Lengthend the wire and foam
  • Made a longer tube
  • Removed the paint from the Arrow
  • And measured again and again till we where happy.

Over al we spend over 2 hours fiddling, but the results are amazing.

So we tested the antenna with the repeater PI2NOS. After that we tried to listen to some satellites.

The next day we went on a field day to test the Arrow in the “Wild”.

It was a big succes => Read More