After a long silence…

Yeah it has been a while but I am back. With an update about the nice field day with PH2LB in JO32gm on 20 may 2018 we had.

We went to the “Distelberg” a man made bump near the “Vecht” at Diffelen.

Made some nice 2m SSB Phone contacts:

With 2.5Watt
PD5WL – JO32gm > G8T – JO01kj = 407.84 Km

With 5 Watt
PD5WL – JO32gm > G3M – JO01qd = 386.44 Km
PD5WL – JO32gm > G0VHF/P – JO01pu = 365.42 km
PD5WL – JO32gm > PA0SWW – JO21wx = 75.42 km

NOTE: I logged the Contest with a checklog. (1st 144MHz Backpackers)

Contest stations:

A small impression.

Working G8T with only 2.5 Watt and good conditions (407.84Km)

It’s fun when big contest station tell you and I Quote:

It was a good contact. I remember we were impressed that you had such a strong signal for 5W.


With 2.5 watts to the antenna the report we gave is creditable. Conditions across the sea were much enhanced around midday on Sunday. We believe that the propagation was improved by an `evaporation duct` above the water.

On to the next fieldday