During the 2017 “Day of the Radio Amateur – DVDRA” I got my self a test pattern generator print and a box.
The test pattern generator can also be found online here (scroll down).

The print was an idee of Niels PE1PWB

You can change the scroll-text, Call/ID, scroll-speed, background color. Of course it’s possible to change some things with the three buttons. When you push the three button at the same time and switch off the voltage and after 2 seconds switch on. It is possible to change the speed of the scroll-text. (3 speed possibility) When you push the Hour and Minute button at the same time, it is possible to change the background-color of the scroll-text and to display a clock or your call-sign.

– Terminate the generator with 75 ohm and measure with a probe (scoop) at the output.
– At picture below, you can see the video-signal.
Yellow = sync + video (1Vtt)
Red = Amplitude text
Blue = White bar
Pink = Sync (300mV)

– Adjust the potentiometers R,G,B so that the videolevel is 1Vtt and that white bar stripe is minimum.

When you have do that, there is ag goed balance between Red, Green and Blue.

– Adjust the potentiometer text so the level is a little lower as whitelevel. This is giving the best results when you using this generator with a transmitter.
– Adjust the trimmer so that the picture is in color.
– Adjust the potentiometer near the mc1377p so that the colorburst is at the right place.


The box i found on a stand with a lot of old cases and “junk”

The one thing left to do is program my Call and the text. But that is for next week.