For my scouts group I wanted a way to track one of the boats. So i got my self some hardware and started to build a tracker.

Hardware used:

  • Arduino Uno
  • Blox Neo 6M Gps module
  • Dragino lorashield
  • Some wires

First step was to make it communicate with TTN. I had some help from PH2LB with the software. The result is the coordinates in the payload in the TTN console. The prototype was on a Mega2560 due to the expected large code. After we had a working prototype I started stripping unnecessary code. It now fits om my Uno. Maybe in a later stadium I will try it on a Nano.

Power usage at the moment is 55mA @ 5Volts. With my 16000mA powerbank this tracker will run 290 hours before dying out.

With the help of PH2LB we came to a complete solution. Tracker, Backend and Front end.

All can be found at :


Some pictures of it all: