For my Outdoor QRP operation I already have several antenna’s but missing in my box are dipoles. So I decided to build a small little dipole box.

It’s a real quick and dirty construction. The pictures will say it all:

It’s just a box with a bnc and 2 bolts. In the first picture I used the wrong type, so I replaced them.

The end result. It also has a little hook on top to hang it.

Next is to make several wire sets for it.

80m => 2x 20.55 meter
40m => 2x 10.64 meter
20m => 2x 5,29 meter
15m => 2x 3.535 meter


I’ll be using WD-1A/TT field telephone wire to make the sets.  I use this on my other antenna’s as wel and it work fine and is light weight.