For this year we have a vacation planned to Luxembourg. So first thing to do is to find out what i am allowed to do with my CEPT Novice licence.

One of the latest documents i found is this one:

From this see 2 interesting bands that I can’t work from home. The 15m and the 80m.
So knowing this it’s time to prepare my field kit for QRP ops in Luxembourg.
What i need:

  • Good backpack – Got one, just need to make it vacation ready)
  • Good set of batteries incl a charger.
  • Dipole set for 15m and 80m
  • CEPT papers
  • Logbook, pen, clock.
  • Field Radio signs.


Most of this thing I already have as it’s my QRP kit. Only in there are antennes for the 10/20/40m bands. Like my G5RV Jr. and 9:1 unun. As we will be at a height around the 500 / 522m above sea level I decided to build 2 dipoles. the ease of that is that I only need one Dipole box and just 2 sets of wire. I will describe the easy build of a simple Dipole box in an other topic.