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Maand: februari 2017

Universal Dipole Box

For my Outdoor QRP operation I already have several antenna’s but missing in my box are dipoles. So I decided to build a small little dipole box. It’s a real quick and dirty construction. The pictures will say it all: It’s just a box with a bnc and 2 bolts. In the first picture I used the wrong type, so I replaced them. The end result. It also has a little hook on top to hang […]

LX6 – 2017 – Outdoor fun

For this year we have a vacation planned to Luxembourg. So first thing to do is to find out what i am allowed to do with my CEPT Novice licence. One of the latest documents i found is this one: From this see 2 interesting bands that I can’t work from home. The 15m and the 80m. So knowing this it’s time to prepare my field kit for QRP ops in Luxembourg. What i need: Good […]