In the januari 2017 number of Razzies there was an article about a lightning receiver. They started with an basic receiver, but later changed to a pre-build module with more capabilities.
My interest wen’t to the basic receiver, simply because, like many of my little projects, its all made up around component that many of us have laying around.

So I build the little receiver, only to discover i ran out of standard coils of 1mH and 10mH. That’s the point where I’m now at. Making 2 coils or wait for the shipment of parts to arrive.

I use instead of 1n4148 (aka 1n914) a 1n4007. It’s the same only for more power.
Also the 2n4401 and 2n4403 are replaced by it’s equivalents BC327 and BC337.

When it’s done, it will get an counter at the Pulse output. Not sure yet if it will be an Arduino or an analog counter.