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Maand: januari 2017

mWatt meter -72db tot 18 db

As you can see on my site I’m building a lot of little tools that can help me out in the shack. While browsing AliExpress i ran in to an nice little power measuring module based on the AD8307. I decided to buy one and see if it would do the job.  After a few weeks I got this little module. So now starts the building. I decided to use a Arduino Nano for the calculations, […]

K7QO Noise Generator

I build this just because i wanted a quick and easy project to kill some time. I found the schematics online (PH2LB and Here). All the necessary parts i had laying around. In the end it looked like this: It give a fair a mound of “Noise” according to my scope.   I have put it in a little enclosure, also i tried it on my frequency counter. It seams to resonate around the 1.7 […]

Lightning Receiver

In the januari 2017 number of Razzies there was an article about a lightning receiver. They started with an basic receiver, but later changed to a pre-build module with more capabilities. My interest wen’t to the basic receiver, simply because, like many of my little projects, its all made up around component that many of us have laying around. So I build the little receiver, only to discover i ran out of standard coils of 1mH […]