The idea

I have some old server power supplies laying around with the intention to convert them in to a good power source for my HAM stuff.

The base will be and DSP-600 from HP, capable of producing 47Amps on 12v.
With some tweaking it can produce 13.8V, Also it has a 5V. Always handy for testing purposes.










What is needed

So here are the basic ingredients:

  • 19″inch housing
  • HP DSP-600 PSU
  • Nice analog Amp meter (up to 50 Amps)
  • Nice analog power meters (5 and 13.8 Volts)
  • High amp sockets (22 Amps each)
  • Voltage regulation circuit capable of at least 10 Amps.
  • Good shortage protection on the outputs.

The modifications

The DSP-600 has a pin out instead of an PCB (like the smaller 36Amps PSU’s)

1—————– +5VSB
2—————– +5VSB
3—————– +5VSB
4—————– (Controls fan speed)
5—————– -12V
6—————– (PsKill)
7—————– (not sure what this one does)
8—————– Ground
9—————– (Voltage Adjust)
10—————- (PsOn)
11—————- (Current Share)
12—————- (not sure what this one does)


By shorting pins 6 – 8 and 10, the PSU boots when you put in the power cord.
I will add a 1k variable resistor between 3-9 to  allow voltage adjustment up to 13.8V, also a NTC between pin 4 and ground to make the fan temperature controlled.

The casing

For Amps and voltage meters i want to give it a somewhat antique look.

vierkante-panel-mounting-moving-vaan-6c2-0-20-v-dc-analoge-voltmeter-80mm-x-80mm-jpg_640x640 class-1-5-ac-50a-analog-current-ammeter-panel-ampere-meter












Of course it will house in a nice 19″ casing.