I have had the parts laying around for a while and with the arrival of the 2U high 19 inch chassis it was time to put it all together.

A 12V (13,4 actually) power supply for in my rack.

Some specs:

DV voltage : 13,4 Volts ( i can’t up the voltage more on the 12v supply)
DC Current: 12,5 Amps ( all tho it will be fused at 10 Amps.)

AC voltage : 230V
AC current : 2Amps

Basically i did it the lazy way and used a Meanwell PSU from the RS-150 series.
Spec’s found here: http://www.meanwell.com/webapp/product/search.aspx?prod=RS-150

I added a extra capacitor for buffer a 40VDC 19000uF, included a bleed resistor of 330Ohm 4 Watt. Giving it a 19sec bleed time.

When done it will have 8 terminals on the front.  Also in the near future i want to add an expansion port in the back and make an other 8 terminals in a separate housing.

The volts and current meter is a 100DVC / 10 Amp unit from Aliexpress.

Here are some pics. And yes my columndril isn’t really steady so one or two terminals are a bit off….

And the end result

img_20161121_195434 img_20161121_200343