At my birthday party someone showed up with a awesome old radio.

An old SEM-35 manpack radio.

SEM-35 Specifications

Frequency Coverage 26 to 69.95MHz
Channels 880 spaced 50kHz
Modulation F3 (FM)
Deviation 15kHz max.
Transmitter RF Output 150 mW or 1Watt
Frequency Stability < + 3.5kHz from -40 to +600C

Receiver Sensitivity < 0.5 micro volts for 10db reduction in S/N
Receiver Selectivity > 80db at + 50kHz
AF bandwidth 400 to 3000Hz Receiver AF Output 50mW into 600 ohm or 600 ohm earth free line output
Receiver Squelch Switched Weight Approx. 13kg

Antennae 1m nom. tape whip (“short”) 2.5m self erecting whip (“long”) SEM-25 remote antenna

Power Supply 24 Volt DC external (21 to 29V, 32V transient max.) or Internal 12 off U2 cells – normal or NiCd

Overall Size 359x270x125 mm.

Off course it came with the full manpack set. A antenna, battery holder and the backpack.

Due to the age of the microphone, it will be converted. Click here how it’s done

I might just get feelings for this old green stuff. I love it.