This year during the 40th JOTA at my Scouts Club we wanted to do something new and different.
As this will be the 40th time PA0AKS/J will be active, and the last time under his super vision.

So we are building an ATV station. Here are some specs:

RX : 10.3Ghz
Hardware: Philips Satellite reciever, LNB with an 9Ghz L.O. (resulting in an 23cm rx at the output).

TX:  13c, (2330Mhz)
Hardware: Gigawave 10Watt TX, 40cm Dish at 15m heigth.

ATV Stuff:
Several camera’s, 16 poort multiplexer, Test image with call box.

Here are some pictures of the antenne en 13cm tests.

We also experimented with an 23cm TX 60mW in an 35 elm. yagi at 6m height. Discovered that the video input didn’t take the signal. But we did white out the screen at PI6HVS.|