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Maand: oktober 2016

Carbon Microphone conversion

Sinds I have a SEM-35 I have noticed that the mic really sucks (excuse me for the langue). But these carbon microphones have a tendency to become clothed. It come with age and moisture. So after searching the web i found a side that has nice description how to convert it to a electret microphone. The site is in dutch, so i’ll try to translate some passages. The site and source of this info in dutch can be […]

JOTA 2016 – Preparations ATV

This year during the 40th JOTA at my Scouts Club we wanted to do something new and different. As this will be the 40th time PA0AKS/J will be active, and the last time under his super vision. So we are building an ATV station. Here are some specs: RX : 10.3Ghz Hardware: Philips Satellite reciever, LNB with an 9Ghz L.O. (resulting in an 23cm rx at the output). TX:  13c, (2330Mhz) Hardware: Gigawave 10Watt TX, […]


At my birthday party someone showed up with a awesome old radio. An old SEM-35 manpack radio. SEM-35 Specifications Frequency Coverage 26 to 69.95MHz Channels 880 spaced 50kHz Modulation F3 (FM) Deviation 15kHz max. Transmitter RF Output 150 mW or 1Watt Frequency Stability < + 3.5kHz from -40 to +600C Receiver Sensitivity < 0.5 micro volts for 10db reduction in S/N Receiver Selectivity > 80db at + 50kHz AF bandwidth 400 to 3000Hz Receiver AF […]