How to build a QRP dummy load.
What do you need:
A box, in my case and aluminium box so it also the heatsink
a SO 239 Socket (or BNC / N Socket, just what you prefer)
A Non inductive resistor 50 Ohm, I used an MP930 50 Ohm 1%.
Small piece of coax
Some nuts and bolt

The MP930 resistor can handle more then 5 watts. 6 times as much, but then it will get realy hot. So Now I have a stable QRP dummy load.


So here is a quick foto how to on putting it together:



The parts


Make the hole for the socket and for het bolt that holds the resistor


Get the Resistor an socket in.


I did it like this


Mount the little piece of coax RG-58 will do fine as it’s QRP only


Test for faulty connections


And youre done. Mark it.