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Maand: september 2016

HSB – Wernigerode Vacation 2016

It’s hissing, it’s steaming, it’s thudding … through the heart of the magical mountain world of our Harz, past the romantic Selketal valley, all the way up to the Brocken. We, the Harz Narrow Gauge Railways, are one of the world’s last great steam adventures, with 25 steam locomotives. On our 140.4 kilometre, 1000 mm gauge network, experience our steam locomotives in action every day. Experience this network – made up of the Harzquerbahn, Selketalbahn […]

De Vloot

Onder tussen hebben we bij de waterscouts een aardige vloot aan boten opgebouwd. Met 20 kids zit je nou eenmaal aan 4 boten vast. 5 kids op een boot is meer dan genoeg. Lelievletjes: Zeilnummer / Naam Bouwjaar Kleur Eerste seizoen vaarklaar Bijzonderheden 014 1956 Geel 2016 – 2017 in 2015 toegevoegd aan de vloot 283 1965 Bruin 2013-2014 in 2013 toegevoegd aan de vloot 384 1966 Oranje 2015-2016 in 2015 toegevoegd aan de vloot […]

DRA818 – Weekend Radio

DRA818 module comes in two versions: DRA818V, that covers freq. from 134 to 174 MHz and DRA818U that covers freq. from 400 to 470 MHz.  I have the VHF version. At the present I have programmed it to have: 1. simplex channels with 12.5 kHz step 2. repeater channels with 12.5 kHz step (subtones included) 3. Echolink repeaters (covering local Echolinks) (subtones included) 4. free freq. set with steps 12.5 kHz, 100 kHz and 1 […]

HSB – Vacation 2012

I just love steam trains, the narrow gauge in particular. That’s from time to time i return to Wernigerode in the German Harz. They stil have a nice fleet of steam trains running on a daily schedule. Operating number  Designation or nickname  Power in HP  Year of construction 99 7231‑99 7247 Neubaulokomotive 700 1954‑56 99 222 Standardlokomotive 750 1931 99 6001 Standardlok ex NWE 21 600 1939 99 5901‑99 5903 Mallet locomotives ex NWE 11‑NWE 13 approx. 270 1897/98 99 5906 Mallet locomotive ex NWE 41 approx. 230 1918 99 6101 & […]

QRSS – Ultimate3 kit

Going QRSS – Ultimate3 kit. I’m on the waiting list due to the enormous demand….. that means only 1 thing… it’s a really good kit.. Will have the 10, 20 and 40M LPF and relay board. The powerboard for the wspr beacon and qrss transmitter. Now on are 5volt and 9volt. Will add 3,3volt later for the GPS unit.

Scouting en de waterscouts

Ik ben al sinds mijn jeugd lid van scouting, na zelf alle speltakken door lopen te hebben ben ik leiding gaan geven aan welpen, na ruim 15 jaar  heb ik de stap naar scouts gemaakt. Waterscouts wel te verstaan. Sinds 2013 ben ik Team leider van de waterscouts bij de Jan Campert groep te Tienhoven (Maarssen).   Verder ben ik actief met o.a. de JOTA en met de OKHB – De ouder kind hit Baarn, onderdeel […]

VK5JST Aerial Analyser

This project was published in the May 2005 issue of the Australian magazine “Amateur Radio”, and has been designed using parts which are very readily available (see the circuit and parts list). There is little point in supplying a kit of parts to amateurs who have been around a while – most will be in your junk box. I never got around making a nice piece of text for the website, so here is a […]

45Watt HF Lineair

  I was looking around for a nice little kit to build to boost my HF power a bit from 5 watts to 25 watts. On the internet i ran in to a affordable little kit. [work in progress……..]

Chirp Programming Cable

To program the Alinco DJ-596E MkII i needed a programming cable and some software. After searching on my favorite forum I found this: After getting the parts, less then 10 euro all together and some 15mins soldering. This is the result: The software used can be found here:

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