Maand: september 2016

DRA818 – Weekend Radio

DRA818 module comes in two versions: DRA818V, that covers freq. from 134 to 174 MHz and DRA818U that covers freq. from 400 to 470 MHz.  I have the VHF version. At the present I have programmed it to have: 1. simplex channels with 12.5 kHz step 2. repeater channels with 12.5 kHz step (subtones included)…

QRP operation from 28 juli till 31 juli 2015 from JO22pc.

During the summer of 2015 i wen’t to a scouts campsite called “PBC Austerlitz” and took my antenna’s and radio. It was a real outdoor, cook dinner on a fire, activation. I took the trusty FT-817, and the antenna’s. I used the G5RV Junior, DIY Longwire and the last day I tested my fixed DIY…

QRSS – Ultimate3 kit

Going QRSS – Ultimate3 kit. I’m on the waiting list due to the enormous demand….. that means only 1 thing… it’s a really good kit.. Will have the 10, 20 and 40M LPF and relay board. The powerboard for the wspr beacon and qrss transmitter. Now on are 5volt and 9volt. Will add 3,3volt later…

VK5JST Aerial Analyser

This project was published in the May 2005 issue of the Australian magazine “Amateur Radio”, and has been designed using parts which are very readily available (see the circuit and parts list). There is little point in supplying a kit of parts to amateurs who have been around a while – most will be in…

45Watt HF Lineair

  I was looking around for a nice little kit to build to boost my HF power a bit from 5 watts to 25 watts. On the internet i ran in to a affordable little kit. [work in progress……..]

Chirp Programming Cable

To program the Alinco DJ-596E MkII i needed a programming cable and some software. After searching on my favorite forum I found this: After getting the parts, less then 10 euro all together and some 15mins soldering. This is the result: The software used can be found here:


Confirmed, 16949.2 Km @ 5 Watt’s = 3389,84 Km/W. Not bad… not bad at all..

QRP Dummy Load

How to build a QRP dummy load. What do you need: A box, in my case and aluminium box so it also the heatsink a SO 239 Socket (or BNC / N Socket, just what you prefer) A Non inductive resistor 50 Ohm, I used an MP930 50 Ohm 1%. Small piece of coax Some…